Water Project

Water Projects

No one argues against the importance of water to life. It is certain that water affects all aspects of life, both directly and indirectly.Access to water could be challenging in rural remote areas. These villagers have to travel long distances to fetch the water and walk back to their houses. As the infrastructure programs have not reached those areas yet, the quality of their lives remains neglected.

Jaka Perkasa Citra Cemerlang (JPCC) Foundation initiates Water Projects in several villages in Kupang, Nias & Halmahera to bring change to these areas.

With support from the locals, we installed long pipes to stream water from the nearest source to the village. We aim to make the water accessible, as easy as opening a tap. In addition, we built communal premises with lavatories, bathrooms and washing facilities. The sufficient supply of water enable the villagers to plant vegetables thus the balance flow of food chains would be well maintained. The time usually wasted to walk back and forth to get the water can be utilized for other productive activities.

JPCC Foundation endeavors to empower people to change. We witness the life quality of many is significantly improved by having accessible water.