Matakus Village

Water is a source of life and human beings will strive with all their might for it.

The people of Matakus Saumlaki have to walk miles and miles everyday for water. Mothers and children are those who carry such duties to get clean water for their households in expense of time. The long journey consumes much of the day and leaves these mothers unable to properly attend to their families. Meanwhile, children’s right to study, play and rest are denied. Their quality of life was considerably low.

Based on these observations, we started the water project in Matakus Sumalaki. We aim to provide accessible water by building a large water reservoir in the middle of the village, making water available just by opening a tap.

Now the mothers have more time to take care of their households and the children can make the most of their childhood. Quality of life is improved and the people of Matakus Saumlaki will never be in thirst again.