Oefafi - East Nusa Tenggara

Reluctance is the stereotype of the People of Oefafi, Kupang.

Jaka Perkasa Citra Cemerlang (JPCC) Foundation eventually figured out why. Their reluctance is in fact their response towards the absence of rain in their area. They have to travel by foot three times a day for the approximately one or two kilometres just to get drinking water. Seeing little children walking in groups carrying plastic bottles or buckets in the middle of wilderness is a common view in Kupang. Water is a vital source of life. You can hardly find any life nor create one in the absence of water. Simply put, inactivity results from insufficient supply of water. Therefore, being entangled in laziness is almost inevitable. The only way to bring back life to them is to provide them the source: water.

For this very reason, the water project was started in Oefafi Village, Kupang. We installed long pipes to stream water from nearest source to the village. Concurrently, we built communal facilities for bathing and washing as well as lavatories. Today they are able to take a bath every morning and even plant some small vegetable gardens.

A new life has just started in Oefafi.